Different perspectives on STUGO

              In Erie High School we have many new freshmen students that come in that are introduced to STUGO and how it works, this be one of the freshmen perspectives on it and a junior to see if it has changed. Now from the freshmen perspective when asked about how was the first experience with the student and if they like it or not and why. Now the freshmen said “The elections are fine but they are overrated, not important, and don’t actually make any impact.” Now as a junior I agree entirely with this statement so many times I have seen winner not do what they promised and it is hyped out way too much compared to the actual turnout and what gets done as the student body. The second question was how could the election be improved for the students, now what the freshmen said was “They need to cut down on assembles and advertisements, the way voting is done is ok but the ads are really annoying.” Also a sophomore told me about the election, “It is a waste of time honestly, the assembles, the ads and the projects that we have to do suck as well.” Now I agree with the ads they can get very annoying at times especially when it’s the same posters and audio. The third question was do you feel motivated to run in the future and do you see a pattern. The freshmen told me, “No I don’t want to run in the future…the patterns I see are all of the people running say the same message and many made promises that can’t be fulfilled.” I agree once again everyone says the same things and make all these big promises that can never be filled out and honestly waste time that ppl only do for college.  For the fourth question that is asked by many is, the election just one big popularity contest. Many administrators want to avoid it becoming one so they try to keep the ppl quite when speeches are given so the students can focus on what ppl say not just who they are. Honestly no matter what is done this trend will never go away many ppl who I spoke to agreed with me. For the fifth question was asked what do you think are the ideal qualities, positions, and experience for people who are running to have. Now what is said by the freshmen is it is good to have leadership skill, friendly, and have some sort of experience in a leadership position. I agree strongly you need leadership skills and prior experience, you need to be friendly, and make sure to have a good reputation. Being well known is a double edged sword you will have people know you and more likely to vote for you but you also will have known all the bad actions you did that will ruin your rep. So the perspective difference as the grades get older don’t seem much of a difference except as the grades progress the less and less hope people have in STUGO and their ability to function.


STUGO is designed to work together to represent the people that elect them.

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