What the Press Corp Could Do



—Cody Buckley, Dallin Howard, Cameron Erekson,and Braxton Powell

This is what our world would be if student body was relevant
But Does it?


The Election has come to an end and people are starting to wonder what the media did. This year being the first year that the groups in AP Government and Politics have more students in campaign teams, rather than the actual candidates running for a spot in the student government, the excess groups got a task that is new to the Erie high student election system. The teachers added the Press Corps, a form of media group that has the job of covering the election in real time. Although some of the other campaign groups think that the Press Corp project is easier than the project they were given, the candidate groups would find they are actually wrong, in fact the candidate groups’ project is immensely easier. The other groups just had to make a website, make a poster, make an announcement, make a script for the candidate when introducing themselves, and they had to support the candidate with whatever means at their disposal. However the Press groups have to meet with a person from each grade and a staff member and ask them questions about the election, we have to make articles that they all meet a length requirement of 500 words, we have to film or cover every debate, which includes Treasury, Secretary, Senior Class President, Vice-President, and President, we also have to have a twitter, Instagram, and Snap-chat profile and keep these profiles up to date. When looking at the work of the Press Corp you can find that this work isn’t actually an in depth project but is more like it is just a way to keep the students busy. The project seemed to be rushed and the teachers didn’t consider the amount of work the press corp had to do and they even had to remove the fact that for the press corp to publish an article they no longer have to send the article to Mr Bird for editing. It would be acceptable for the teacher to next year make specific jobs for the group, like a media manager who would take care of the media outlets, an article writer that would write the articles and edits the posts of the media manager, pollster/interviewer that conducts polls and gathers information about the rating of the candidates and public opinion, leader that will work with the timeline and make sure the other people in the group work on a specific time line, this person will also set up meeting for the interviewer. Another thing that the teacher has to consider is the guidelines for the project in general. When considering topics for the individual project you gave only general guidelines, which I Cody Buckley did follow however the topic is about the Student Government which wasn’t one of the recommended topics. The guidelines of other campaign groups are too laid back, the group just has to make sure it has the correct budget, correct grammar in the main document, and the document must be showing preparation for the debates. However the rubric that we have isn’t known to us and we have many different articles which could be graded extensively, but we don’t know what is going to be graded the heaviest. An alternative is having one big press group which is required to write an article for each debate and having a coverage for a specific candidate, like press for one specific candidate but is graded differently than the  Candidate groups.

“I despise this project with a burning passion. This project was a total waste of time… What’s the point of doing this {the project} if we don’t know what we’re doing, and is entirely busy work to keep us included in the school campaigning project. Checkmate.” Dallin S J Howard


“This project was made too fast and had no formal rubric, barely any warnings or any announcements. And if this project is used in the next year it needs to have heavy revisions made by current press corp or needs to be scraped  ” Cameron Erekson


“This project doesn’t have a main structure and I spent too much time on the website just to not receive any feedback, I believe the candidates should be required to comment on the articles and support the press corp.” Cody Buckley

When questioning Dallin Howard about how this project made him feel he said,

“This project had entirely no point and we only did things at a strict minimum to get it done.” Dallin S J Howard


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