What Does the People Of Student Body Do?

—Cody Buclkey

As the campaign for student body comes to an end, one thing people have to review is the capabilities of the actual student body. While some schools have some form of site for the student body, or is also known as student council, our school doesn’t in fact have a page for any form of information pertaining got the student body. So in the interview with Jonathan Phouman, current student body President, I asked a question about the role of the student body and their jobs in the school environment. Mr Phouman responded by saying

“In the school environment what my power is really is to promote all the actual activities and in school activities that we have in school, such as Sadies and Homecoming dances and actually putting events together and you do other things such as run the prep rallies.”                                                              -Jonathan Phouman

Which means all those promises about a senior parking lot or early lunches isn’t controlled by or influenced by the student body. In reality the people of the student body are really just glorified event planners. Another thing that may be a little horrible to think about is the student body doesn’t really represent the student, not technically. The way they represent the students is by talking to teachers and staff and organizing events that the students might like. The ways the student body gains input is currently restricted because the people that have input are the people in Student Government. This is similar to how student government is in other schools. In the nearby College, Colorado State University, they gain student input by having full meetings in the campus hall. However a college will always be able to have meetings on campus and be more open to student input by having more open hours and having many more students on campus at any hour. 

But Does It Really Need YOU?

Although the Student Council does help organize events they don’t do much when it comes to making parking lots or doing other things that would cost time and money. This is just a way they get support for their campaign. Some other groups have begun to resort to other methods of getting votes to get elected. These methods are not including the promises they make, but does include candy, or some other foods they throw into the stands or hold out in the hallways saying, “Vote for…” This election one of the Treasurers that was attempting to get elected, Patrick Hoskinson, brought a dog to the school and stood outside and let people pet the dog before going into the school. And others decided to just go around at lunch giving candy out to people hoping they had telepathic abilities and could project information saying that the people receiving the candy should vote for a specific candidate. Admittedly this position probably looks really good on your resumé. But when they ask about what you did in this position you will probably say that you organised events.



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