Issues Article: What is Wrong With EHS, and What to Expect in Comming Election

In Erie High School people are getting ready for a student body election, but some people want to know what issues to look out for. One issue that most people face is the lack of paper towels in most of the bathrooms, this is really anoying because when you wash your hands you expect there to be paper towel so you can dry your hands. However the paper towel isn’t there causing students to have to come out of the bathrooms waving their handsjust trying to get the water off their hands. Some other topics that you might want to look out for is the current parking situation. You should also be looking at the plans for the new incoming freshmen. With the new freshmen coming in people have to ask the question of where will the people who over flow the lunchroom sit? Just this year the students are now able to sit all the way down to the gym to eat their lunch, and the only place they still have restricted is the C wing T wing and G wing. Some other issues people might know about is that most students just don’t think when they are putting their trash in the trash can or the recycling bin. If the students put the recycling in the correct bin the staff will just put the bag into the respective garbage containers, but if the students put track in the recycling bin then the custodial staff is told to just put the bag in the trash container. Hopefully this helped you understand what form of issues the candidates will be covering.


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